Paradise, awaits you

Come, catch up with the rich tapestry of nature.

See, sun rise over the waters, mingling happily with the sands.

Listen, to the winds rise with the changing tides.

Gaze, at flamingoes as they saunter across the pans.

Watch, the Barracuda, Barramundi and Grouper dart through reefs in feeding frenzy.

Relax, after the sun dips down.

Greet, the starry night skies.

Walk, lazily by the bio-luminescent algae illuminated ocean.

Kitesurfing, the Best in India

A long windy season spanning 9 months annually.

Shallow blue inviting waters in the lagoon.

A backdrop of salt pans and windmills.

The first venue to stage 2 Indian National Kiteboarding Championships.

Aqua Outback is the Goto Destination for kitesurfers India-wide.

Come, hone your skills, progress rapidly to the next level.

Cozy Rooms, Community Dining

Designed to make you feel at home with a South Indian family.

Rooms are furnished with ethnic Indian & wicker furnishings & fittings,
clean and well-maintained.

Meals are had together as a family at the communal dining room,
allowing for guests to get to know each other.

Our home style food comes highly recommended by guests,
for its variety, freshness and great flavours!

Chillout Evenings

A uniquely beautiful, chilled out waterside ambience.

Enjoy the evenings below the clear cool starry skies.

Alcohol – BYOB
Music – Live jams, karaoke, awesome acoustics
Lights – Moon, ambient
Vibe – Easy, happy, life is good

A plethora of cool spots to party.

Entertainment Shack
Salt House
Activity Shack

Something, for Everyone

Escape, into the spellbinding surroundings.

Superlative seascapes, to truly find yourself.

Many fun things to do right in the lap of Mother Nature.

Unleash the real you, figure your role in the cycle of nature.

Understand your connection to the universe.

Return, rejuvenated to relive your life as part of that greater whole.